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Music production

Here is a catalogue of music that were produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at our studio. They are multi - genre with different flavours and the whole nine yards. Do take your time and listen.


Do Better

Denike delivers an anthem rock which is a call to the country, to the society, to Communities and
to Individuals to look away from the many ways things have been done wrongly and do right.

#anthem_rock #heavy_guitars



Oyedele delivers a ballad where he unwraps all of his loving emotions into this timeless piece, and borrows hired hands, Kido, to help him stress his points.

#ballad #silkyVocals #bars #african


Diary of an Impressionist

Okay, this is some sort of a personal experimental project, where I went around cultures and genres, and make my impression and interpretations of music that are dear to heart. Here is an alternate link.

#world #latin #oriental #covers #art #spirituals


Initial Gra Gra

You know that feeling you have when you just meet someone you really like? How you can't seem to stop talking to them, and how you always want to be around them? That's Initial Gra Gra!

#pop #love #rhythm_guitars

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